Q7 Input/Output extension board

Q7 Input/Output extension board

The extension board is deviced for the DinBox RTU Q7 and can be inserted in the housing. Other extension boards for the DinBox RTU Q7 can be offered on demand. The extension board is placed internally in the housing and communicates directly with the main processor of the DinBox RTU Q7. Please call us for new add-ons you would need on DinBox RTU Q7. Maximum up to 20 I/O's can be offered.


  • Features:
    Extension board for DinBox RTU Q7
    8 digital Inputs (designed for 12-24V in) with LED status indikator
    4x analog input (for 0-20mA) isolated differential or for each channel per Jumper to central ground
    Optonal: DS2482-100  I²C to Onewire for Voltage measurement or up to 16 digital temperature sensors
  • Applications:
    Digital and analog output extension
    Other solutions possible on demand

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