PSTN V.92 Modem Module
The SMD24xx module range is a complete modem module portfolio that meets global telephone line requirements. Available in a socket (64,5mm x 26,5mm) size footprint, the devices are ideal for embedded modem applications due to their small board space, low power consumption and global compliance. The SMD 24xx device is available in 6 different versions, ranging from V.92 down to V.22b. The module allows you to reduce time to market by using a ready to use approved solution.


  • Socket PSTN modem V.92 3V3
  • Silicon Labs based
  • Embedded applications:
    Security systems
    Point-of-sale verification systems
    Set top boxes
    Industrial /medical monitoring systems
    Power meters
    Remote monitoring
    E-mail Terminals
    ATM Terminals


  • Housing: Socket modem
    Dimensions: 64,5x26,5 mm
  • Power Supply: 3V3 
    Low power consumption
  • Engine:
    Based on Silicon Labs Isomodem solution
    EEPROM for custom defaults (optional) 
    Reliable SMD based design
  • Modulation and protocols
    ITU-T V.92  V.90,V.34,V.32bis, V.32, V.22bis, V.21,
    Bell 212A, Bell103
    V.23 Reversing,V.23 half-duplex
    V.29 FastPOS and V22bis fast connect
    V.80 Synchronous Access Mode
    V.44,V.42bis, MNP5 data compression 
    Error Correction: ITU-V.42
    Call Waiting detection 
  • Alarm Protocols: SIA Protocol (ask)
  • Serial
    Asynchronous mode
    DTE/host interface
  • Functions:
    Hardware and software flow control and speed buffering
    Type I and Type II Caller ID detect 
    Call progress,blacklisting
    Integrated DAA
    Globally compliant line interface
    Extension pickup detection
    Digital Line protection
    Line –in-Use detection
  • Telecom:
    ETSI ES 203021-1 V2.1.1 (2005-06)
    ETSI ES 203021-2 V2.1.1 (2005-06)
    ETSI ES 203021-2 V2.1.1 (2005-06)
  • Safety:
    IEC60950-1 compliant design
    Use of safety certified components
  • EMC:
    EN55022 class B
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Certification: CE
  • PIN-signals:

Additional Info

The development of PSTN Socket Modems and other embedded modem applications is always been one of the most important activities of Bausch Datacom and its engineering company Delta Design.
The PSTN Socket Modules that we design and produce are based, amongst others, on Conexant Technology and Silicon Labs Technology.
The Bausch SMD24XX Socket Modules are based on Silicon Labs Technology. They are ideal for embedded modem applications since they offer very low operating power requirements, a small board space and a worldwide compliance. The devices are available in 6 different versions, ranging from V.92 down to V.22bis (56k to 2.4k). Each version is available with in a 5V version and a 3V3 version.
The SMD2493-3V3 Module is a V92 (56K) communication-ready device with in a 3V3 version that integrates data/fax functionality into a very space-efficient, embedded modem design (64,5 x 26,5 mm). It allows you to reduce time to market by embedding a ready to use solution in all kind of devices that need to communicate such as embedded control systems, copiers, set-top boxes, security systems, point-of-sale verification systems, industrial and medical monitoring systems, power meters, remote monitoring, email terminals etc…
The SMD2493-3V3 is a complete Socket Modem with integrated direct access arrangement (DAA) that provides a programmable line interface to meet global telephone line requirements.
It includes full type I and type II caller ID detection and decoding for global standards. Call progress is supported through echoing result codes and is also programmable to meet global settings. Because the SMD2493-3V3 modem module integrates the DAA, analog features, such as parallel phone detect, over current detection, and global PTT compliance with a single design, are included.
The SIA alarm protocol is implemented only in the SMD2401 version (V.22bis).
Samples of the SMD2493-3V3 Socket Modem are available on simple request !

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