Market Orientation

The liberalization of energy production and wide-scale adoption of distributed generation, electric vehicles, solar panels, heat pumps, windmills have brought with them a host of opportunities but also challenges to all the (new) stakeholders in the exploding energy world market. The transition towards a more sustainable energy production and a further electrification comes with major investments in the distribution grid. The bi-directional and variable energy flows and the increasing electricity demand urge for a dramatic increase in closer monitoring and analysis of the energy flows in general. The exploding amount and diversity of relations between energy stakeholders in the evolving energy market based on Solar, EV, heath pump coupling and other green energies result in the simple fact that DSO SCADA monitoring demand much more attention to control the electricity MV/LV substations in the near future. But this liberalization and distributed generation can and will be also one of the catalysts of a more green energy system that will allow for paradigm new business models and financial-commercial systems. It is now! that these business models and the technology to make them possible are finding the way to the more visionary capital investors. Bausch Datacom, in any case has picked up this undeniable trend and is tuning its technology to new ideas and standards.


Bausch Datacom is a Belgian manufacturer (hardware and software) of communication products for the utility sector (electricity, water) and smart electronics for charging stations for electric vehicles since 1987. On the one hand, the company concentrates on the development of data communication products - via PSTN, GSM, GPRS, 3G, LTE, NB-IoT, LoRa, RF 169 MHz ...- such as modems, Remote Terminal Units, data loggers, on the other hand electronics (RTU) for charging stations. The company is part of the German Ritter group. Bausch Datacom's typical customers are electricity network operators, meter manufacturers, EV charging groups and integrators from the utility sector and are for the moment mainly located in Europe: Eandis, Infrax, Sibelga, ORES, Enexis (The Netherlands), Stedin (the Netherlands), Alliander (the Netherlands), Enel (Italy), eNovates, The New Motion-Shell (The Netherlands), Public Power Corporation (Greece), SIG (Switzerland), RESenergy (Spain), Koenders Instruments (the Netherlands), Iskra-Emeco (Slovenia), iTron (France) .... The company has its own R&D (hardware & software) based in Leuven, Belgium. Firmwares and backoffice management software is done in collaboration with sister company RiTTec which is also part of the Ritter group or eNovates its main EV customer. All products of Bausch Datacom are part of the own IP portfolio, or have a 'Freedom to operate' label. Bausch Datacom has producton centers in several locations in Taiwan, Belgium and India.


Monitoring the Grid requires a flexible system that can last years and this starts with EDGE platforms (Remote Terminal Units) in the field that are capable to counter the aggressive new developments in grid technology. This means powerful machines that can receive upgraded firmware following the ever changing necessities of the electricity distribution companies. A powerful Management Tool on the other hand is required to control the devices in the field. This management tool needs to be conceived also as a long time system ready to be upgraded when new evolutions occur. Our Management System and firmware of the devices in the field are conceived to use the most modern IT software available at each moment. 'Electric vehicles charged with the necessary energy, always and everywhere, thanks to the adaptive charging systems'. That is the reason why eNovates, the main customer of Bausch Datacom, is created and is the reason of their current rapid expansion within Europe. The product portfolio spans from fully modular AC charging stations for every need, to load balancing solutions and a full suite of smart charging software. eNovates has a rapid growing customer based with amongst others Shell. Bausch Datacom is the main R&D specialist for the smart electronics that are the core of the eNovates technology. We continually design and co-vision the electronics and functionality for eNovates. Next to this we mount productions and advise in production dossiers.

Green Energy vision

Companies such as Sunified, Riddle & Code, eNovates, Bausch Datacom and others have recently bundled their forces to develop technology that can facilitate a system of capitalization and trading for private persons and entities based on green energy coming from Solar Parks, EV infrastructure, battery loads etc. taking in account the influence on the electricity grids. Crucial in the system is importing tokenization based on blockchain and crypto anchoring - technologies coming from the financial market - and techniques such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Open-Source protocolling. By introducing these technologies, a system of ownership and trading of green energy can be built and distributed in the world market together with the possibility to offer services to DSO's concerning the impact of this new evolution.

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