Delta Logger LTE SDI12

The Delta Logger LTE SDI 12 is a 2nd generation logging device with 2 analog inputs, one SDI12 and one (pulse) count...

DeMas Management tool

The DeMas management tool (Data Management Software) is a modular management system designed to be integrated into existing management systems. Config...

DinBox RTU Q7

LTE Cat.1 / M1 NB IoT RTU.
The DB RTU Q7 comprises an embedded system based on container technology allowing new SW applications to be integrate...

Input/Output extension board

The extension board is deviced for the DinBox RTU Q7 and can be inserted in the housing. Other extension boards for the DinBox RTU Q7 can be offered o...

DaliBox MV D2.0

The DaliBox MV D2.0 is a State of the Art RTU for MV/LV (10-36kV – 230-400V) substations. It allows the connection of SCADA IEC 60870-5-104 Master(s) ...


The DinBox RTU SL is a complete GPRS SCADA communication device in a DIN-rail housing and is conceived to operate via several communicat...

DinBox PSTN 485 SIA

PSTN V.92 Modem
The Bausch DinBox PSTN 485 SIA modem was specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements for the Medical Services and El...

InduBox GSM M4

GPRS LTE Cat.1 (M1) (NB IoT) Modem
The InduBox GSM M4 modem builds on the design robustness and component quality of 15 years of InduBox modem ex...

DinBox RTU M4

The DinBox RTU M4 is a low-cost micro RTU with built-in wide range AC power supply. The power supply comes with a ...


PSTN V.92 Modem Module
The development of PSTN I-Modules and other embedded modem applications was one
of the most important activities of ...

DinBox LoRa Terminal

RS-485 / LoRa converter
The DinBox LoRa Terminal is a wireless data transmission terminal based on LoRa Spread Spectrum Communication technology....

DinBox LoRa Gateway

LoRa/3G Gateway
The DinBox LoRa Gateway is a wireless data gateway based on LoRa protocol. The gateway can be connected to LoRa terminals in vari...

Delta LoRa Logger

LTE Cat.M1/GPRS/LoRa/Sigfox Logger
The Delta LoRa Logger is a logging device with 2 analog inputs, one SDI12 and one counter interface. The devi...

DinBox RTU M36

GSM GPRS Alarm Unit
The DinBox RTU M36 is a telemetry solution in a DIN-rail housing. The product is suitable to use in an industrial environment...


Wall mountable GSM/GPRS modem in a sealable housing with isolated and logically separated 3-wire RS-232 and 3-wire RS-485 interfac...


PSTN V.92 Modem
Wall mountable PSTN modem with wide range 85 - 264 Vac power supply in sealable housing. Isolated 3-wire RS-232 and 3-wire RS-485...

InduBox GSM Pulse

GSM GPRS Pulse Counter
The InduBox GSM Pulse is an industrial pulse counting and GPRS communication device dedicated to energy market application...

DinBox Router Ethernet

The DinBox Router Ethernet is an industrial routing device with 1 WAN & 4 LAN Ethernet ports (RJ-45). It is equipped with VPN IPsec server and client ...

DinBox Router 3G

3G Router
The DinBox Router 3G is a WCDMA/HSDPA/HSUPA/HSPA+ router / cellular terminal device providing data communication functionality through ...

DinBox Router 4G

4G Router
The DinBox Router 4G is a LTE FDD,LTE TDD,EVDO,WCDMA,TD-SCDMA,CDMA1X, GPRS/EDGE router/cellular terminal device providing data communic...

DinBox GSM M4

GPRS 3G LTE Cat.M1 NB IoT Modem
Serial RS-232/RS-485 and 10/100 MB Ethernet Quadband 800/900/1800/1900 MHz GSM and/or EGSM/GPRS DIN-rail modem wi...

DinBox GPRS Lite

GPRS modem
The DinBox GPRS is an industrial low-cost GPRS modem with RS-232/485 interface, DC Power Supply and AC adapter. The modem is designed ...


The DinBox GPRS SL modem is a serial V.24 RS-232/RS485 modem in a DINrail housing. The modem is DC powered, CSD GSM data, GPRS IP ...

Proxima V.92 Full

PSTN V.92 Modem
Professional V.92 host modem for connections up to 56 Kbps. Based on internal Socketmodem Technology. Firmware is adjustable to c...

Proxima V.92 Junior

PSTN V.92 Modem
Compact desktop V.92 modem with serial RS-232 interface for data connections up to 56 Kbps. Supports Fax and Voice (answering mac...

Proxima ISDN Lite

ISDN Terminal Adapter with V.24 RS-232 serial interface for fast 128 Kbps ISDN connections.

Proxima ISDN Lite 24 Vdc

ISDN Terminal Adapter with V.24 RS-232 serial interface for fast 128 Kbps ISDN connections. 24 Vdc input.

Microlink ISDN/TLV34

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Microlink ISDN/TLpro

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Proxima GSM 19 inch Rack

GSM GPRS 19 inch Rack modem
Bausch Datacom has developed a 19" GSM modem rack system based on the Proxima and Indubox modem technology. High perf...

Proxima PSTN 19 inch Rack

PSTN V.92 19 inch Rack
Our 19 inch rack modems can be stuffed with a Conexant based SM_H2 socket modem or an IMOD56 I-module whatever suits you b...


PSTN V.92 Modem Module
The SMD24xx module range is a complete modem module portfolio that meets global telephone line requirements. Available in ...


PSTN V.92 Modem Module
56K PSTN Socket Modem (64,5 x 26,5 mm), 3kV isolation, 3.3V power supply based on Conexant Harley 2 module. SIA protocol a...

Vega 56 PCI2

PSTN V.92 Modem Card
Internal 56K V.92 modem with PCI interface. Semi-active. With BVRP fax, voice and communication software.

Proxima V.92 SIA

PSTN V.92 Modem
The Bausch Proxima V.92 SIA is a V.92 PSTN modem in desktop housing with serial RS-232 port, specially designed to meet the strin...

Proxima Star II

PSTN V.90 & ISDN PC Card
V.90 56K and active Euro-ISDN PC Card, OS independent, automatic cable detection

Tron DF 56

PSTN V.90 Modem
Professional V.90 RS-232 serial host modem with internal 220 V power supply (110 Volt US optional) for connections up to 56 Kbps....

Marine 6Db Quad-Band antenne

Marine 6Db Quad-Band antenna

Praxis Communication Management

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