Bausch Datacom closes contract with GE Infrastructure Water & Process Technologies

Bausch Datacom closes contract with GE Infrastructure Water & Process Technologies
 Bausch Datacom closes a contract with GE to supply professional Firewalls and WAN communication systems.
 Bausch Datacom closes a contract with GE to supply professional Firewalls and WAN communication systems.
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Korbeek-Lo, 2004-12-06,
Bausch Datacom closes a contract with GE Infrastructure Water & Process Technologies in february 2005 to supply worldwide professional DIN rail mountable DSL Routers/Firewall systems together with DIN rail mountable modems (PSTN, GSM and GPRS). It is GE’s New PaceSetter™ Platinum Water and Process Controller that will be equiped worldwide with a professional Lancom 1511 Firewall/DSL router and a Modular WAN Communication solution (PSTN, GSM, GPRS, UMTS, satellite...) offered by Bausch Datacom.
The PaceSetter™ Platinum is a groundbreaking new automation and data management system for optimizing chemical feed and monitoring in water treatment. Designed to meet customer needs for increased productivity, greater reliability and lower chemical and maintenance costs in treating water and process systems, GE’s PaceSetter™ Platinum controller offers extraordinary processing power and broad communications options thanks to new GSM, GPRS and in the future also satellite communication solutions.
It can adjust treatment feedrates to match changing process conditions, provide chemical feed verification and communicate directly (also wireless) with plant computers,  workstations and communication systems (telephone, GSM...) using industry standard protocols. A single unit can control up to 12 devices with 32 input and output signals, and the removable flash memory records 45 days of typical data.
Modular WAN Communication Concept:
The PaceSetter™ Platinum (see also full application note in Dutch) has an integrated webserver and needs to be be managed not only via the LAN but also from outside. And that’s when the Lancom 1511 Wireless DSL Router/Firewall with RJ-45 WAN port plus RS-232 serial WAN port is needed (see schematics). With an integrated radio module supporting the WLAN standards IEEE 802.11b/g and equipped with two diversity antennas as well as a 4-port LAN switch the device offers all interfaces needed for routing and internal network communication. The serial RS-232 interface however guarantees WAN dial-in and dial out communication over PSTN, GSM, GPRS, UMTS... and also satellite (in the future) while the RJ-45 WAN port of the device allows ADSL or broadband communication when locally provided already. Especially for the PaceSetter™ Platinum the Lancom 1511 is made DIN rail mountable and supports a 24 Vdc input voltage.
Bausch Datacom also delivers DIN rail mountable modems to be connected to the serial port of the Lancom 1511 for continuous dial-in and dial-out communication over the PSTN and GSM (GPRS) network. The Bausch DinBox PSTN and the DinBox GPRS have been choosen by GE Infrastructure Water & Process Technologies because of their reliability of the communication, their worldwide approvals, their compactness (very small, DIN rail mountable) and their input voltage range between 10 and 40 Vdc regulated (the PaceSetter™ Platinum offers 24 Vdc voltage input).
Currently Bausch Datacom is looking into the matter to see if a satellite modem can be developped for this Modular WAN Communication Concept. According to Ge Infrastructure Water & Process Technologies communication over satellite is a future must for their water applications in regions where there is no GSM network available such as deserts in Africa or even in the US...
For more information about the General Electric project and the Modular WAN Communication Concept:
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