Bausch Datacom present at the 'Dutch Power' stand at Utility week - 12-14th November Paris -

Bausch Datacom present at the 'Dutch Power' stand at Utility week - 12-14th November Paris -
Visit Bausch Datacom and RITTER Starkstromtechnik on the 'Dutch Power booth' - K80 -.

Wonderful Paris, Paris by night, ‘la ville lumière’. The city is the perfect host for an event displaying the latest evolutions on Smart Grid technology!

The 'Dutch Power' emplacement (Booth K 80) features several companies and network distributors that focus on the evolving new technologies in order to control 'the smart grid'. Bausch Datacom joins hands with its sister company RITTER Starkstrom, in presenting substation automation solutions. Whereas RITTER Starkstrom has considerable experience in equipping substation automation solutions and switching gear, Bausch Datacom is a Belgian expert and manufacturer of tailor-made SCADA communication and monitoring hardware. (Click for free Visitor Pass)

Bausch-Ritter, active in the medium and lower voltage domain of the grid, envision technology to sustain Virtual Power Plants (VPP). A 'VPP' allows many individual decentralized micro power generation points, to collaborate as a large Power Plant. It operates as a sub-grid or microgrid. This does not only apply for individual power generation, but also for power consumption. Undoubtably, for the next 10 years to come, technologies to enable these VPP’s will evolve. From different standalone devices checking the mid-voltage and lower-voltage segment of the grids on basic parameters such as directional short-circuit detection (in order to detect current anomalies and rerouting the electricity power by switching the involved substations on and off) and Power Quality (evaluating Energy Quality to anticipate Supply and Demand issues) to a way of moving grid monitoring and control functionalities to a (potentially centralized) cloud or edge-based platform whilst reducing the device complexity and transitioning from a Product to a Service Centered Business Model. On the fair, Bausch Datacom-RITTER Starkstromtechnik will feature an application showing the 'elegant simpleness' of controlling and retrieving Power Quality and short-circuit information from the lower segments of the grid (10-36kV to 230-600V substations)

So, when you visit the Utility week fair, do not miss the occasion to drop by and experience some 'in-out-of the box' solutions. On tuesday 13th November, the Dutch Power booth invites you with refreshments and drinks. Be there!
Rik Verheyen
Business Development Mgr. Bausch Datacom
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