Bausch Datacom present on CIRED 2023 Rome 12-15 th June

Bausch Datacom present on CIRED 2023 Rome 12-15 th June
Bausch Datacom will be presenting the DB RTU Q7 with integrated crypto anchor at the CIRED electricity distribution expert trade fair. In Q2 2024, the product will be officially released with a Secure Element inside. Come check out this hardware solution as an essential tool for decentralized green energy business models.

‘Power of the Many’ – Energy Communities
Tokenization can revolutionize the way energy is traded in the market by allowing market participants to transfer and trade energy in the form of tokens rather than the traditional continuous flow of energy. This would enable customers to become energy-responsible parties by offering them the ability to purchase energy, such as community renewable energy assets, EV charging, and hot water as a service. Moreover, tokenized models can help achieve net zero targets through the issue of carbon certificates, as well as facilitate efficient allocation, clearing and settlement of energy units. By gradually introducing these tokenized models, the energy transition can be accelerated, affordability ensured, and energy supply stabilized.

Gateways with crypto-anchoring labeling green energy data
Bausch Datacom and partner RiTTec are one of the first European Manufacturers which will bring an ‘Energy Gateway’ on the market capable of performing crypto anchoring to label produced energy coming from Solar parks, EV chargers (Vehicle to Grid), Wind Mills, heat and power coupling meters. The measured data will be sent from the electricity meter in datagrams which will be encrypted by the Secure Element integrated in the DB RTU Q7 Gateway (Internal hardware PKI). This encrypted data can be sent to a database of identified energy which mentions the date, amount of produced energy (in kWh) and owner of the energy. The data can be sent also from the Gateway by MQTT to 3rd party instances which can use this encrypted data to further certify it, integrate it in blockchain or other Trust Layers or use it in Apps for users.

Meet us at CIRED, the booth of 'Dutch Power' - 2Tokens - Stand E45

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