Delta Logger LTE SDI12: Communication for water sensors

Delta Logger LTE SDI12: Communication for water sensors
The Delta Logger LTE SDI 12 connects all kinds of sensors with SDI 12 interface to your backoffice using mobile connectivity (LTE Cat. M1). The device can also read data through analog inputs (2) or count pulses.

Whether it's pluviometers, water level sensors or moist measuring devices, Internet of Things connectivity is the best way to transport the data to your back office. LTE Cat. M1, NB IoT are amongst the most succesful used technologies. Many sensors for these water applications use the SDI 12 protocol to interface with communication devices.

The Delta Logger LTE SDI12 is equipped with exactly those communication interfaces. The logger has a built-in wireless module (LTE Cat. M1, NB IoT) from Quectel and can interface with SDI 12 sensors. The device is battery charged (Supercap enhanced), and the adequate battery is proposed depending on the application used.

The datalogger holds a traditional Nano SIMcard and an MFF2 eSIM can be mounted on customer demand. The device is sold as a PCB solution but can optionally be offered with Spellberg housing of 76x74 mm (standard option). Other options such as antenna, supercapacitors and others are available. Configuration is done through USB to get acces to GUI configuration panel. Remote configuration is possible.  For sample and testing usage a special Starterkit is proposed which contains:

  • DL20_BG95M3 Datalogger board with BG95M3
  • GSM/4G/CH/SMA_90 GSM/4G/CH/SMA_90 CTi – Antenna
  • DL20_DEBUG_BOARD Debug interface board
  • DL20_DEBUG_CABLE Debug cable UART-USB
  • DL20_CABLE_SET JST 2.0MM connectors 2P, 3P, 4P + wires 8 cm
  • ER2650QH +SLC1150+CON Battery pack ER2650QH +SLC1150+CON JST 2.5MM
  • USB MICRO CABLE MULTICOMP MC002726 USB Cable, Type A Plug to
    Micro Type B Plug, 1 m, 3.28 ft, USB 2.0, Black
  • TG PC 88-6-o Enclosure spelsberg TG PC 88-6-0

Please find all information on our productpage:

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