Experienced Embedded Software Developer needed!

Experienced Embedded Software Developer needed!
Bausch Datacom looks for an experienced Embedded Software Developer to be hired at very short notice. Interested engineers can react on the Newsitem.

Bausch Datacom is updating it's range of industrial communication products and breaking new ground with energy sensing, measurement and analysis devices to cover the demands of the renewable energy sector, utilities, and smart-grid applications. Within the company, state-of-the-art technologies are commercialized that have their origins in pan-European research projects and collaborations. Several of these technologies are patented and unique to Bausch Datacom.

To further expand the commercialisation of these technologies, Bausch Datacom is looking for a driven, enthusiastic, and creative embedded software engineer willing, and able, to master the multi-faceted, state-of-the-art technologies incorporated into these next-generation devices.

You will be given the challenge and responsibility of integrating and maintaining a broad family of communication products in the fast-growing, renewable energy and utility market. You will also break ground on new designs within the measurement and analysis portfolio. To effectively perform these exciting tasks, ideally, the following, non-exhaustive skills are sought:

>Embedded platforms
>ARM / ARM Cortex
>Atmel AVR

Programming languages & environments:
>Keil & GNU tool chains
>AVR Studio
>Ability to translate an algorithm into effective C code
>Embedded OS
>Service programming
>Embedded server management
>CGI programming (embedded Linux environment)

IEC 60870-5-104
IEC 61850
RS232, RS485 (and related, serial protocols)
SPI and I²C

>Good understanding of low-level systems programming
eg: writing a driver to configure and interface an ADC/DAC device over the SPI bus.
>Good understanding of board-level systems
eg: interpreting a schematic diagram to access an ADC/DAC device on a multi-device SPI bus.
>Good understanding of communication and data security/encryption
Consistent use of source code version control, bug trackers, and documentation

>Ability to work in a diverse team and communicate effectively
>Ability to learn independently and adapt to changing technologies
>Ability to architect and maintain a modular software framework for a portfolio of devices
>Ability to meet with customers and understand their requirements, work with them to insure the requirements are met, handle issues effectively
>Ability to express complex, technical issues clearly to non-technical people
>Ability to work in an SME environment where roles and tasks are flexible
>Language skills
Others welcome
>Driving licence B or higher

Learning ability

As we understand that deep knowledge of all the listed technologies and skills by one person is unlikely, and technology is always changing, the aspect we most seek in a candidate is the ability to learn on the fly, and learn independently. These abilities to learn and adapt can be demonstrated through past projects, hobby projects, contributions to open-source projects, and so on.

During the initial evaluation period, the candidate will be give time, and access to people with experience, to master those aspects where experience is lacking. It is expected that the candidate is fully-functioning in this diverse and multi-levelled role after one year.

Bausch Datacom is an SME, centred around a closely-knit, core team. Your ability to communicate effectively, collaborate, and be flexible are key factors. Aside from communicating internally, the technologies used in our products, as well as our customers, have international origins. Thus, the need to travel occasionally arises. The successful candidate will have to travel periodically to support the product with our customers.

If you are interested please contact Dominiek Truyers by e-mail:dominiek.truyers@bausch.be or phone: 003216461288

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