Industrial Wireless Forum april, 24 2007

Industrial Wireless Forum april, 24 2007
The Industrial Wireless Forum gives an overview on the state-of-the-art Wireless technologies and developments: it shows new ways to communicate and new ways to share information by the newest Wireless Communication Technologies !



WHAT ? The Industrial Wireless Forum gives an overview on the state-of-the-art Wireless technologies and developments: it shows new ways to communicate and new ways to share information by the newest Wireless Communication Technologies ! 

Engineers and developpers of products and applications in an industrial environment. Customers with a very specific Wireless application and a need to find an adequate product.

WHEN ? Tuesday, the 24th of april 2007- 13u00 – 17u00
WHERE ? The Industrial Wireless Forum will take place at Imec  – Kapeldreef 75, 3001 Leuven. How to go there ? Go to for a route description. 
HOW ? Send a mail to to confirm your presence at the Forum. Confirmation is possible untill the 20th of april.
















































































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12u30 : Start of the Forum
13u30 – 14u00 : The wireless roadmap, what to expect?
14u00 – 14u30 : Low power wireless communications –
WPAN. Who's standardizing what?
Lieven De Strycker – KAHO Sint-Lieven
14u30 – 15u00 : Coffeebreak, demo's and contacts with the partners of the seminar
15u00 – 17u00 : Presentations Best Practices on: ZigBee, Wireless Ethernet, Bluetooth, WiMax, WiFi, GPRS, UMTS. Frequency Division Multiple Access (FDMA), Multi Carrier, Mesh Networks, Remote control & supervision.
17u00 : Networking possibility with a drink and something to eat
Exhibition booth

Bausch Datacom & Delta Design : Automated communication (GSM, GPRS, modem), PSTN & ISDN modems. Wireless (low power) applications for the energy market (gas, water, electricity...). Lancom industrial (wireless) networking products

Who is Bausch Datacom ?

Bausch Datacom, founded in Holland in 1987, is one of the pioneers in the European PC Communication industry and originally a modem developer. The Dutch company had subsidiaries in France, Belgium and Germany. In 1998 the original company and its engineering was integrated in Simac Holding in the Netherlands. Since that moment the Belgian subsidiary continued selling and marketing the Bausch brand name and the Benelux logo. The engineering division of the industrial communication products is now located in Belgium near Leuven as well as the warehouse, the administration, marketing and logistics department. With the acquisition of Delta Design – communication engineering bureau - in 2004, the company has reinforced its position in the development of wireless communication solutions for the industry. This engineering bureau has the experience to support all kinds of TCP/IP modules and Wireless technologies (Wavecom - Open AT - , Siemens, Telit, Teltonika, Enfora, Connect One,...). The expertise of this engineering division today lies in the field of product management and development of high quality modems & Wireless RTU applications (GSM, GPRS…) especially for the energy market. Bausch Datacom and Delta Design are ISO 9001-2000 certified since 2004.
The Bausch brandname stands for quality and hassle free connectivity which is highly appreciated by our clients.  
As a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of PSTN, ISDN, GSM, GPRS modems and Wireless RTU applications and as a system integrator of specific communication solutions in cooperation with Lancom Germany (industrial, Wireless Ethernet products), the company has evolved a stable market position in the Benelux.
Who is Delta Design ?
Delta Design is an engineering bureau created in 1992 by Marc Decré and Filip Lavaerts, former engineers of Option.
Since the very first beginning the company played a decisive role in the development of Bausch Datacom products for Belgium. In 1998, the mother company, Bausch Datacom Netherlands, was integrated in Simac Holding and Bausch Datacom Belgium took an important participation in Delta Design. In 2004 Delta Design has been taken over completely by Bausch Datacom.
Delta Design is specialized in the design and development of telecom modules - PSTN, ISDN, GSM, GPRS - for embedded applications. The company has a long experience in the design of modems and line interfaces for Set Top Boxes, Cash registers, Alarm systems, POS, Metering systems and several other applications. Modem reference designs made by Delta Design are used and approved world wide. Delta Design can offer services from the very first idea, schematics, PCB designs, approvals, compliance testing and coordination of production. Assembly is done by specialized subcontractors. The company is ISO 9001:2000 certified since 2004.





(Wireless) products developed for the Energy Market

Eandis, Netmanagement and Sibelga: 15000 Indubox GSM modems in the field   MV-90 is a proven host solution for data collection, management and analysis from commercial and industrial (C&I) metering devices. The Belgian electricity companies Eandis, Netmanagement Réseaux Wallonie and Sibelga use this MV-90 host system for Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) of electricity meters in the field such as the Actaris SL7000 industrial electricity meter; the SL7000 meter, serially connected (RS-232) to a Bausch Indubox GSM modem, communicates transparently with the MV-90 host system. The MV-90 host system communicates with the remote GSM modems  through Bausch Proxima ISDN modems (V.110 protocol) which are serially connected to the system. Today about 15000 Bausch Indubox GSM modems communicate on a daily base with the MV-90 host system!                  


Elia uses Indubox GPRS. Elia is Belgium's transmission system operator and is responsible for the transmission of electricity. Electricity is transmitted over the high-voltage grid from electricity generators to the distribution system operators and large industrial consumers. Elia operates the 380 kV to 30 kV high-voltage grid in Belgium.
Elia uses EDMI electricity meters of the Belgian metering company Steel. To be able to communicate with several EDMI meters in the same rack, the meters are connected on a RS-485 bus together with a Bausch Indubox GPRS. This RTU, with build-in power back-up circuit, will detect a mains failure and will be able to send a notification SMS to a host system. The two DI's (digital inputs) are used to transmit 'urgent' and 'non-urgent' alarm messages to a host system.

Fluxys: Remote Monitoring RTU used in Cathodic Protection (CP) Cathodic protection is a technique to control the corrosion of a metal surface by making that surface the cathode of an electrochemical cell. It is a method used by Fluxys – the Belgian independent operator of gas pipelines infrastructure - to protect metal structures from corrosion. Cathodic protection rectifiers and CP drainages are active elements, installed by Fluxys to cathodically protect buried and immerged steel structures, i.e. pipelines, …To verify/measure the electrochemical potential of these structures, CP test points are placed along the pipelines. To monitor the CP test points from a distance Fluxys asked Bausch Datacom to develop a CP remote monitoring RTU and bought the Intellectual Property and the exclusive production rights of the device. The RTU with 4 isolated analogue inputs, 8 isolated digital inputs, 4 isolated digital outputs and a real time clock has the technical specifications to monitor the CP rectifiers, CP drainages and CP test points and transmit the measured data and alarms via GSM and SMS technology to a CTU (central terminal unit) system. The CTU is collecting all the data transmitted by the RTU’s, performs the data handling and generates the necessary output (visualisation) to the users. Communication is basically triggered by a time-driven event and is also event-driven. The main functionalities of the RTU are: analogue and digital data acquisition, comparing the analogue data with limits, comparing the digital data with alarm status, transmitting of alarms when analogue data is out of limits or when a digital input is in alarm status, calculating characteristic values for all analogue data, transmitting of alarm statuses and characteristic values, archiving alarm statuses in a logbook. The 4 AI’s each have 4 independent voltage scales, configurable via menu: - +/- 100 mVdc, - +/- 10 Vdc, - +/- 20 Vdc, - +/- 200 Vdc with a measurement precision better than 1 % and an automatic calibration check at each measurement. There are two ways to power the CP RTU ; via the AC mains (with an additional rechargeable NiMH backup battery pack to give the necessary energy during mains power failure) or via a long life battery pack delivering energy to the RTU during at least 3 years (measuring period 3 minutes).

RTE EDF Tranport France uses Dinbox PSTN 485  RTE EDF Transport, an EDF subsidiary in France, operates the transmission network in France. In this capacity, its role is to operate, maintain and develop the electricity public network, ensure that the system functions reliably and adjust production to consumption. To communicate with the MK6E electricity meters, delivered by the Belgian metering company Steel, RTE decided to use the Dinbox PSTN 485 modem of Bausch Datacom after a very extensive and selective period of testing. The contract with the Belgian metering company Steel was closed for 3 years: Steel will deliver the MK6E electricity meter, a high accuracy Class 2S / 5S (IEC62053-22 and IEC62052-11) metering product. In each meter a Bausch Dinbox PSTN 485 modem (V.92) on DINrail is built in. This modem has a RS-232 serial interface but also a 2 wire and 4 wire RS-485 interface.  

(Wireless) products developed for the POS - Point of Sales - Market

Development of secure GPRS modem for cash registers in Italy
By Italian law, recently approved, every cash register (POS - Point of Sales) in Italy must be controllable on a daily base by the government for fiscal and tax reasons ! This means that all cash registers must communicate with a central control agency from july 2007 on. Some cash registers are communicating all ready but most of them don't have this possibility and there is a huge installed base of non-communicating cash registers. Olivetti in Italy (via Avnet Europe) asked Delta Design, engineering company of Bausch Datacom, to develop a secure GPRS modem. This new modem will give Olivetti the possibility to live up to the new legislation and to upgrade the enormous installed base of non-communicating Olivetti cash registers. The GPRS product is made in cooperation with Connect One (TCP/IP stack) in Israel. If you can read Italian, please feel free to read this interesting article about 'Registratori di cassa. Dal 2008 la trasmissione online'
Development of 'Wireless' socketmodems for POS systems
The development of PSTN Socket Modems - 26 x 65 mm -and other embedded modem applications is one of the most important activities of Delta Design. The PSTN Socket Modules designed and produced by the company are based, amongst others, on Conexant Technology, Silicon Labs and TDK Teridian Technology. Avnet Europe distributes these socket modems on a non-exclusive base; major clients are Olivetti and D.A. Sistemi in Italy; Olivetti and D.A. Sistemi implement these PSTN socketmodems in electronic payment systems and cash registers. D.A. Sistemi, the Banksys of Italy, delivers its POS systems to the leading banks and bank consortia of Italy and Europe. One of these Conexant based PSTN socketmodems is used by Bausch in the Bausch DinBox PSTN 485, but also in the Bausch Proxima V.92 Lite and Proxima V.92 Full. More info... 
Delta Design is constantly updating its range of M2M socketmodems for industrial use; In 2007 the company plans the development of a GSM/GPRS socketmodem; the engineers can choose between the technologies of Wavecom, Telit, Siemens, Enfora, Teltonika, Connect One. They only need your application to choose the most suitable Wireless module for you.... 

(Wireless) Bausch/Lancom solutions developed for the RTU Market 

GE INfrastructure Water & Process technologies uses lancom DSL router / Firewalls with Bausch DINrail mountable GSM/GPRS modems. In February 2005 Bausch Datacom closed a contract with GE Infrastructure Water & Process Technologies to supply worldwide Lancom professional DSL Routers/Firewall systems together with Bausch DIN rail mountable modems (PSTN, GSM and GPRS). GE’s New PaceSetter™ Platinum Water and Process Controller will be equiped worldwide with a professional Lancom 1511 or I-10+ Firewall/DSL router and a Modular WAN Communication solution (PSTN, GSM, GPRS, UMTS, satellite...) offered by Bausch Datacom. For more information, see this english article… or readfull application note in dutch.


Johnson (Stork Pumps) visualizes pump processes over the Internet with Bausch ADCBox RTU
Johnson (Stork) Pump offers a wide product range of pumps for all kinds of industrial and marine liquid transport (chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, food & beverage, process industry, paper & pulp, marine…). The company believes in a ‘life cycle economy’: buying a pump is not just a one-off transaction, according to Johnson Pump, the pump has to keep running for a long time. Because…when pumps stop, so does everything. After all, pumps are the beating hearts of the industrial world. The result of this vision was the decision to create a web based platform to visualize the activities of a pump. And of course this also means the sending of alarms when the pump stops. In this project Bausch Datacom was asked to built a tailor made software platform inside the Bausch ADC Box RTU which is in fact an intelligent measuring device like a PLC . This RTU is connected to the industrial pump and communicates over GPRS with the web server of Johnson Pump to show the pump processes on line to their customers.
The ADCBox  RTU ('Analogue-to-Digital Converter Box' ) with real time clock, 4AI, 8DI, 4DO and integrated GPRS modem is connected to the pump system and sends the data coming from the Digital and Analogue inputs to a central Bausch socket server, connected itself to the Johnson Pump web server to visualize the data over the Internet.
More technical info on the tailor made application for Johnson Pump in the ADC Box RTU... 
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