LoRa / Sigfox / GPRS / LTE gateway for SDI 12 water applications launched!

LoRa / Sigfox / GPRS / LTE  gateway for SDI 12 water applications launched!
The Delta Logger is a logging device with 2 analog inputs, one SDI12 and one counter interface. The device is battery powered and functions as a stand-alone data logger, collecting data from its sensors and transmitting the data through LTE Cat M1/Cat NB1, EGPRS, GPRS, LoRaWan or Sigfox at programmable intervals. It can also be configured as Gateway collecting data from remote sensors using LoRa modulation.

Next to it's modems for transparant meter reading and Remote Terminal Units for Smart Grid applications, Bausch will in the next years also be focussing on IoT communication devices for sensor reading. For this, Bausch Datacom works closely together with environment monitoring specialist Koenders-Instruments BV from the Netherlands. Our Dutch partner for IoT applications has considerable experience in project solutions and instruments for monitoring in the environmental and civil-technical world. Thanks to this cross-over of application expertise by Koenders-Instruments and datacommunication expertise by Bausch Datacom, the partnership will launch several tailor made and cost-effective solutions in the next years.

Bausch Datacom launches it's first communication device for IoT sensor applications. The Delta MU_xx is tailor made for water applications and integrates Pulse counting, analog inputs and a SDI 12 interface. The sensor data can be logged and send to back-end installations and/or gateways using LoRa WAN, Sigfox, GPRS, EDGE and LTE (see the different versions.)

The device is a costeffective water measurement logger with a SDI 12 interface which can support up to 4 devices with 20 readings per device, a pulse counting interface and 2 analog inputs. The device is battery charged and can be equipped with various types of batteries.

The Delta MU_xx exists in various types depending on the communication option:

Delta_MU_BG96: LTE Cat M1/Cat NB1/EGPRS/LoRa/Sigfox
Delta_MU_M95: GPRS/LoRa/Sigfox (standard version)
Delta_MU_XX: LoRa/Sigfox
Delta_XX_BG96: LTE Cat.M1/Cat.NB1/EGPRS
Delta_XX_M95: GPRS 

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