DinBox GPRS Lite

DinBox GPRS Lite

GPRS modem
The DinBox GPRS is an industrial low-cost GPRS modem with RS-232/485 interface, DC Power Supply and AC adapter. The modem is designed for all serial transparant communications.


GPRS modem
DINrail brace
RS-232 & RS-485 ports
Metal Housing
DC Power Supply with AC adapter

Meter reading
Vending Machines
ATM Systems


  • Housing:
    Housing Iron, IP30 protected
    DINrail brace
    Dimensions 91x58x22 mm
    Weight 205g
  • Power Supply:
    Standard Power DC 12V/0.5A
    Power range DC 5~35V
    Consumption Communication: 250 mA (12V)
  • Communication Engine:
    Industrial cellular module
    EGSM 1900 mHz / GSM 1800 mHz / GSM 850/900/1800/1900
    GSM Phase 2/2+
    GPRS Class 10, class 12 optional
    Bandwith: 85,6 Kbps
    Tx power: GSM 850/900: 33dBm
    Tx power: GSM 900/1800: 30dBm
    Rx sensitivity: -107 dBm
  • Processor:
    Industrial 16-32 bits CPU
  • Environmental:
    Operating Temperature: -25~+65ºC(-13~+149?)
    Storage Temperature: -40~+85ºC (-40~+185?)
    Operating Humidity 95% ( unfreezing)
  • TCP/IP:
    Support TCP server and multiple TCP clients
    APN / VPDN
    Only triggering by SMS ring and data
  • Interfaces & Connectors:
    Serial 1 RS232 (or RS485/RS422) port, 15KV ESD protection Data bits: 5, 6 ,7, 8 Stop bits: 1, 1.5(optional), 2 Parity: none, even, odd, (space, mark)(optional) Baud rate: 110000~115200 bps
    Indicator "PWR", “ACT” “Online”
    Antenna Cellular: Standard SMA female characteristic impedance 50 ohm
    SIM/UIM Standard 3V/1.8V user card interface, 15KV ESD protection
    Power Standard 3-PIN power jack
  • Package:
    DinBox GPRS Lite modem
    Cellular antenna(s) (Male SMA)
    RS-232 cable
    Power adapapter (AC version)
    DINrail brace
  • Certification:

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