DinBox RTU M36

DinBox RTU M36

The DinBox RTU M36 is a telemetry solution in a DIN-rail housing. The product is suitable to use in an industrial environment where reliability plays a large role. With the DinBox RTU M36, devices can be monitored and managed by GSM, GPRS or SMS. Thanks to the optional 'intelligent watchdog' technology and an optional uninterruptible power supply the product provides a high degree of extra security for mission-critical applications. The DinBox RTU M36 is equipped with the 'open programmable Java J2ME’ environment. This allows for custom Java applications, so that the product can be extended with additional features. The DinBox M36 offers an 'always-on' solution over the wireless GPRS network, which means that internet communication is possible. In addition, the device can optionally be equipped with SMS application. Thanks to this application you can monitor or manage devices via SMS through your mobile phone or via the optional SMS Comfort Alarm Management package. The DinBox M36 is an excellent solution in combination with PlC’s and for other industrial applications


  • SMS alarm unit with embedded SMS-application
  • DINrail
  • DC Power Supply (optional)
  • GPS (optional)
  • Java Programmable
  • GPRS/GSM modem communication


  • Housing: Industrial GSM/GPRS modem M36 DINrail Housing : MIN rail (EN50022)
  • Environmental : -10°C / +50°C / 10% - 75% (non condensing)
  • Power Supply:
    Integrated wide range power supply AC 100-260V 50-60Hz
    Battery backup with Lithium 4.9 Wh rechargeable battery (Optional)
    9-30 VDC integrated power supply (Optional)
  • Engine:
    SMS alarm unit with embedded SMS-application
    GSM modem specifications : Quad-band 800/900/1800/1900 MHz GSM/GPRS modem (Cinterion TC65i)
    Maximum power output 2W @ 900MHz / 1W @ 1800MHz
    Communication protocol: GPRS Class 10 / CSD / SMSGSM data : asynchronous transparent mode
    Flow control (RTS/CTS – XON/XOFF) and speed buffering
    Automatic format and speed sensing (300 to 115.200 bps)
    AT command set support
    Circuit-switched 14.4 Kbps data and Group 3 FAX (Class 1 and 2)
    High performance SMS messaging application for 4 x IO and 2 x DOLong term watchdog (Java driven or optional 1 reset every 24 hours)
    Java programmable
    Integration with SMS back-office
    Integrated 3V SIM card reader
    Status LED’s : Watchdog – GSM – DCD – DTR
    Embedded SMS-application :
    Device configuration: menu driven CLI interface using Terminal program
    SMS information: heartbeat (configurable), INPUT change (DI1 up to DI4) (up and/or down slope), DI1 pulse counter, back-up battery operation (when mains fails), more…
    SMS control: time driven output set & reset (DO1 & DO2) with optional SMS confirmationoutput change, reply to SMS alarms for confirmation, more…
    Date & Time features: NTP client via GPRS & Time by SMS
    GPS (Optional)
  • Interface & Connectors:
    2x serial RS-232 interfaces on RJ-45 connector
    Digital IN : isolated 4 x DI hardware configuration set by jumpers
    *Active configuration: open or close
    *Dry contact configuration: 0Vdc or 9 – 30Vdc
    Digital OUT : 2 x DO - Relay contact (NO & NC), Rated load : 0,5A at 125Vac / 1A at 24Vdc
    Analog IN: Non-isolated input 0 – 4,8 VDC (other ranges on demand)
    Embedded SMS-application :
    Device configuration: menu driven CLI interface using Terminal program
  • Reset: Watchdog
  • Antenna: Magnetical Dual band FME antenna included
  • Certification: CE

Additional Info

The DinBox M36 is a telemetry solution in DIN-rail housing with embedded SMS application. The product is perfectly tailored to the industry's needs where reliability is important. With the DinBox M36, machines can be controlled or monitored through GSM/GPRS or SMS.
Thanks to the ‘intelligent watchdog’ technology and the optional backup battery the product offers the highest reliability for mission critical applications.
Moreover, the DinBox M36 has an ‘open Java J2ME environment’ to provide opportunities for companies to develop their own application in the DinBox M36.
The DinBox M36 offers an ‘always-on’ solution for the wireless GPRS network to make internet communication possible. The product can be supplied with a SMS application, which makes it possible for anyone to start a quick monitoring and controlling of devices through SMS.
The integration with the SMS Comfort back office software is another option which makes the time-to-market extremely short for anyone who wants to start with SMS communication.
The DinBox M36 is a perfect solution in combination with PLC’s or other industrial products.

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