The DinBox RTU SL is a complete GPRS SCADA communication device in a DIN-rail housing and is conceived to operate via several communication protocol environments (IEC 60870-5-104, NMKD-3085 ASCII). The product is a unique IEC 60870-5-104/Modbus mapping device for monitoring, alarming & controlling. Registration and storage of measured values and sample rates are made possible by the integrated memory card.


  • GPRS Communication
  • IEC 60870-5-104/Modbus mapping
  • I/O
  • Supercap ‘Last gasp’
  • DINrail
  • Applications:
    Substation IP communication with SCADA systems or central dispatch
    IEC-60870-5-104 or NMKD-3085 protocol between substation and control station
    SCADA installations in industries such as power and distribution, water and gas applications, oil and gas production
    Distributed Control Systems (DCS), PLC…
    Alarm management through SMS with ACK


  • Housing: Article.nr. Phoenix Contact: 2956819 
    Article description Phoenix Contact: UEG-EU-BE 
    Housing type: DINrail housing 
    Housing material: Polyamide fiber reinforced 
    Color: green 
    Dimensions / positions: Length 172 mm / Width 35 mm 
    DINrail housing side element, two pieces necessary to close base element, 1.5 mm thick. Housing material: Polyamide fiber reinforced        
    DIN rail snapslot for easy DIN rail mounting
  • Environmental: Ambient temperature (operation) -40 °C - 105 °C 
  • Power Supply: The DinBox RTU SL6087 is powered via a wide range 85-264 Vac mains or a 9-25 Vdc power supply.
    The AC powered RTU can be optionally delivered with 25F SuperCap capacitor for -short time- power backup.
    The SuperCap board with 4x Maxwell PC25 is directly soldered, via two wires, onto the main PCB.
    Mains power supply:
    Input voltage range 85 ~ 264 Vac / 120 ~ 370 Vdc
    Frequency range 47 ~ 440 Hz
    Safety standards UL1950, TUV EN60950
    Withstand voltage 3 KVac
    DC power supply (optional):
    Input voltage range 9 ~ 26 Vdc
    Polarity protected with diode
    No internal fuse 
  • Interfaces & Connectors
    One serial RS-232 interface (RJ-45) which can be connected to a computer or similar device via a RJ-45 to DB-9 serial cable. Only RxD, TxD, RTS and CTS are used. If RTS is active the LED RTS will illuminate.
    One isolated 2-wire RS-485 interface. This interface can be used to communicate with intelligent periferials. JP4 can be used to terminate the line with a 120E resistor.
  • Configuration interface: 
    All local communication with the DinBox RTU SL6087 for configuration, setup and the necessary maintenance tasks is done via the serial “configuration interface”.
    A terminal software program (eg. HyperTerminal) must be used to communicate with the RTU. The following parameters must be used :
    Speed : 38.400 bps
    Data bits : 8
    Parity : none
    Stop bits : 1
    Flow control : none
  • I/O:
    8 x DI galvanically isolated (opto coupler) active inputs (24Vdc)
    8 active inputs thanks to an internal 24Vdc dc/dc convertor. To minimise contacts, one common contact is used.
    opto coupler SFH6156-1
    active voltage : 24 Vdc
    Conductor cross section: rigid min. 0.08 mm2 flexible min. 0.08 mm2 / rigid max. 1.50 mm2 flexible max. 1.50 mm2
    2 x AI not galvanically isolated (- connection = GND)

    The DinBox RTU SL6087 can monitor up to 2 non isolated analogue signals
    12 bit single ended ADC’s (ATXMEGA256D3)
    input impedance > 100 Kohm
    measurement precision > 1 %
    input voltage : 0 ~ 5 Vdc
    Conductor cross section: rigid min. 0.08 mm2 flexible min. 0.08 mm2 rigid max. 1.5 mm2 flexible max. 1.5 mm2
    2 x D0 galvanically isolated (opto mos ‘solid state’ relay)
  • Engine:
    GSM Module:
    Build-in Sierra Wireless (Wavecom) SL6087 GSM/GPRS module, used to transfer data from/to the CTU or host system. The module needs a SIM card with a disabled PIN code request. A standard FME connection is provided for connecting a external GSM antenna. 
    General Specifications: Quad band 900/1800 MHz operation / Maximum power output: 2 Watt / 3V SIM reader / Asynchronous DTE interface with speeds up to 115.200 bps / Flow control (RTS/CTS – XON/XOFF) and speed buffering AT command set support
    GSM Data :
    Data circuit async, transparent and non transparent up to 14400 bit/s
    Fax group 3 (Class 1 and Class 2)
    GPRS packet Data : GPRS Class 10
    Coding Schemes : SC1 to CS4
    PBCCH support
    Message services
    Point to point (MT/MO) and cell broadcast
    Embedded IP
    The following TCP/IP features and protocols are available : PPP / ICMP / DNS / SMTP / POP3 / FTP / TCP socket
    Atmel ATXMEGA256D3 processor: All functionalities are automatically guided by the Atmel processor with the proper firmware. This processor will/can control the following tasks:
    - communication with the RTC (real time clock)
    - communication with the Sierra Wireless (Wavecom) SL6087 GSM/GPRS module
    - serial RS-485 communication
    - read AD converters to measure AI voltages
    - calculations on measured or received data
    - DI changes scanning
    - set DO's
    - write and read data in/from the non volatile FRAM memory
    - write and read data in/from the MMC/SD memory
    MMC/SD: MMC/SD card socket. This memory can be used to store the firmware code, configuration, measured data and log information. Status LED 'SD' will illuminate when a proper MMC/SD card is installed.
    FRAM: 2 FRAM (ferro electric RAM) of 64 Kb (8.192 x 8 bits). Used to store the configuration, measured data and log information.
    RTC: Built-in 10 ppm real time clock with a separate battery backup.
  • Antenna: 
    A FME connection is provided for external antenna connection. The DinBox RTU SL6087 comes standard with a magnetic dual band antenna
    Magnetic Dual Band antenna : 900-1800 MHz
    Impedance: 50 Ohm
    Coaxial cable: RG-174-2500 mm
    Connector: FME female (to fit on Indubox GSM modems)
    Antenna gain: - 2.0 ± 0.5 dBi @ 920 MHz / +1.5 ± 0.5 dBi @1800 MHz
  • Reset: Watchdog
  • Backend services: none
  • Communication Protocols:
    SCADA Protocol: IEC 60870-5-104/Modbus mapping
    SCADA Protocol: NMKD-3085 ASCII (ABB)/Modbus mapping
    Other...(e.g. TMX,...)
  • Security: AES encryption
  • Certification: CE

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