Proxima ISDN Lite

Proxima ISDN Lite

ISDN Terminal Adapter with V.24 RS-232 serial interface for fast 128 Kbps ISDN connections.


  • Desktop ISDN Terminal Adapter
  • ISDN operation up to 128.000 bps
  • Applications: Internet / Intranet / Dial OUT to V.110 compatible GSM devices / Dial IN with GSM data
  • Suitable for Internet, Fax and telebanking
  • Less demanding for your PC because of the active interface
  • Configuration tool for MSN-numbers
  • Supports ISDN-protocols like; MultiLink-PPP, X.75,V.110 and V.120


  • Housing: Bausch Datacom 'Proxima' desktop housing
    Dimensions: 130 x 195 x 37 mm (w x l x h)
    Weight: approx. 300 gr. (adapter excluded)
  • Power Supply: 9Vac, 220mA -15%/+10%
  • Environmental:
    Temperature: operating -5°C to +60°C; storage -20°C to +70°C
    Humidity: operating 10% to 75%; storage 5% to 95%
  • Engine:
    ISDN operation up to 128.000 bps
    Fast connection between Proxima ISDN at ‘host’ side and Indubox GSM at ‘client’ side via V.110 GSM-data protocol
    Configuration tool for MSN-Numbers
    EURO-ISDN DSS1 with V.110, V.120, PPP, ML-PPP, X.75
    Permanent memory for settings: settings may differ per protocol
    Full interspeeder with XON/XOFF and/or RTS/CTS flow control
    Softfax operation up to 14.400 bps (via RVS-COM Lite)
    Drivers for Windows 95/98/2000/NT4.0/XP/Mac/linux/OS/2
    Software package: RVS-COM Lite with components for fax, answering machine and file transfer functions
    Permanent memory for settings: settings may differ per protocol
    Command sets: Extended 'AT' command set
    Remote Control through ISDN for remote configuration and tests
    Software upgrade through serial port (115.2 kbps).
    ISDN-2 interface: S0 interface according to CCITT I.430 (1TR3)
    S0 connection: RJ45 socket
    Permanent memory for settings. Settings may differ per protocol!
    Auto baud detection from 300 to 115200 bps
    Full interspeeder with XON/XOFF and/or RTS/CTS flow control
    Self-test after power-up
    Data format:
    Data: 7 or 8 bits
    Parity: odd, even, space, mark or none
    Stop bits: 1 or 2
    Visualisation: LEDs for serial port and ISDN status indication
    System Requirements: Serial Interface, CD-ROM drive, DOS / Windows 95 /98(SE) /ME/ 2000/ NT4.0/ XP/ Mac/ Linux/ OS/2 : active modem
  • Communication Protocols:
    V.110, 1 x B channel synchronous/asynchronous
    V.120, 1 x B channel, 64000 bps
    V.120, 2 x B channel, 128000 bps
    PPP, 1 x B channel, 64000 bps
    Multi Link PPP (ML-PPP), 2 x B channel, 128000 bps (BACP)
    Data Compression: V.42bis, MNP5
    V.25b signaling (HDLC)
    V.24, RS-232 serial interface (DB9F): configuration through AT-Commands
    V.42bis data compression
    V.25b signalling (HDLC)
  • Interface & Connectors:
    Serial port: DB9F (V.24, RS-232) connector
    ISDN Line: RJ-45 connector
  • Certification:
    CE approved: CE0560XCE
    Electrical safety: Class II

Additional Info

The Proxima ISDN is a standard ISDN Terminal Adapter with a standard V.24 RS-232 serial interface.
Nothing special one would say!
But we use this ‘old’ ISDN technology especially in combination with our Indubox and DinBox GSM data communication solutions: the V.110 ISDN protocol makes really fast digital connections possible between the Proxima ISDN in host configuration and the Bausch GSM devices in the field (see application drawing below). This kind of ISDN (V.110) host communication with GSM data modems in the field  is also much more stable and much faster than communication between GSM modems.
For example, we have an Itron MV-90 xi host application up and running in Belgium were every night more then 150 Proxima ISDN modems read the data of about 25.000 (Bausch Indubox) GSM data modems in the field via the ISDN V.110 protocol.
The Proxima ISDN modems can also be mounted in 19" racks.

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