Proxima ISDN Lite 24 Vdc

Proxima ISDN Lite 24 Vdc

ISDN Terminal Adapter with V.24 RS-232 serial interface for fast 128 Kbps ISDN connections. 24 Vdc input.

Product Highlights

  • External desktop IDSN adaptor with standard RS-232 serial interface and 24 Vdc input
  • ISDN operation up to 128.000 bps
  • Applications: Internet / Intranet / Dial OUT to V.110 compatible GSM devices / Dial IN with GSM data
  • Suitable for Internet, Fax and telebanking
  • Less demanding for your PC because of the active interface
  • Configuration tool for MSN-numbers
  • Supports ISDN-protocols like; MultiLink-PPP, X.75,V.110 and V.120

Product Specifications

  • Housing: Bausch Datacom 'Proxima' desktop housing
    Dimensions: 130 x 195 x 37 mm (w x l x h)
    Weight: approx. 300 gr. (adapter excluded)
  • Power Supply: 24 Vdc input by power adapter 9VAC, 220mA
  • Environmental:
    Temperature: operating -5°C to +60°C; storage -20°C to +70°C
    Humidity: operating 10% to 75%; storage 5% to 95%
  • Engine:
    ISDN-2 interface: S0 interface according to CCITT I.430 (1TR3)
    S0 connection: RJ45 socket
    Configuration tool for MSN-Numbers
    EURO-ISDN DSS1 with V.110, V.120, PPP, ML-PPP, X.75Auto baud detection from 300 to 115200 bps
    Full interspeeder with XON/XOFF and/or RTS/CTS flow control
    Self-test after power-up
    Data format:
    Data: 7 or 8 bits
    Parity: odd, even, space, mark or none
    Stop bits: 1 or 2
    Permanent memory for settings: settings may differ per protocol
    Full interspeeder with XON/XOFF and/or RTS/CTS flow control
    Command sets: Extended 'AT' command set
    Visualisation: LEDs for serial port and ISDN status indication
    Remote Control through ISDN for remote configuration and tests
    Software upgrade through serial port (115.2 kbps).
    System Requirements: Serial Interface, CD-ROM drive, DOS / Windows 95 /98(SE) /ME/ 2000/ NT4.0/ XP/ Mac/ Linux/ OS/2 : active modem
    Drivers for Windows 95/98/2000/NT4.0/XP/Mac/linux/OS/2
  • Interfaces & Connectors:
    V.24, RS-232 serial interface (DB9F): configuration through AT-Commands
    Serial port: DB9F (V.24, RS-232) connector
    ISDN Line: RJ-45 connector
  • Communication Protocols:
    V.42bis data compression
    V.25b signalling (HDLC)
    V.110, 1 x B channel synchronous/asynchronous
    V.120, 1 x B channel, 64000 bps
    V.120, 2 x B channel, 128000 bps
    PPP, 1 x B channel, 64000 bps
    Multi Link PPP (ML-PPP), 2 x B channel, 128000 bps (BACP)
    Data Compression: V.42bis, MNP5
  • Certification: CE Electrical safety: Class II

Additional Info

The Proxima ISDN 24 Vdc supporting 24 Vdc input is a standard ISDN Terminal Adapter with a standard V.24 RS-232 serial interface, suitable for industrial ISDN applications .

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