Proxima PSTN 19 inch Rack

Proxima PSTN 19 inch Rack

PSTN V.92 19 inch Rack
Our 19 inch rack modems can be stuffed with a Conexant based SM_H2 socket modem or an IMOD56 I-module whatever suits you better. With a unique design and a proven history of thousands of alarm points world-wide, the Proxima rack 19” PSTN modem rack with embedded SM_H2 or IMOD560 is a very stable, reliable and high performance communication system for various industrial applications.The development of PSTN Socket Modems and other embedded modem applications (like Imodules) is our core business since 1989. The PSTN modems that we design and produce are communication ready devices that integrate data/fax functionality into a very space-efficient, embedded modem design. We have embedded PSTN modems based on Conexant (former Rockwell), Silicon Labs, TDK and Analog Devices technologies and in socket modem format (64,5 mm x 26,5 mm) - a universal industry standard – or in I-module format (56 x 56 mm). Embedded Bausch socket modems like SM_H2 (Conexant) or I-modules like IMOD560 (Conexant) are used worldwide, integrated in all kind of devices that need to communicate such as embedded control systems, payment terminals, SIA or Contact ID based alarm transmitters, copiers, etc… This embedded modem technology platform is used in all our modems ranging from DinBox DIN rail modems, external Proxima desktop modems to Proxima rack modems which have to fit in a 19" Euro PSTN modem rack system.


  • Industrial Dial-out applications
  • 19” Euro Rack System with max. 16 PSTN modem cards
  • Multiserial-to-Ethernet connectivity
  • PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network)
  • SNMP Management by Digi terminal server


  • Proxima 19 inch Rack system:
    19" Euro rack with backplane,  integrated Meanwell RS-50-5 power supply card  (Input rating: 88-264 VAC, 47-63 Hz with fuse spec: 230V / 1A; current: 0.8A @230V, Output rating: 5VDC)
    1 to 16 Proxima MRACK modems
    Environmental requirements:
    Temperature: Operating 0-40°C, Non-operating -20 to 80°C
    Humidity : 20% to 50% (non condensing)
    Physical dimensions:
    Height : 132 mm (3 Units), Width : 480 mm
    Depth : 280 mm, Weight : Approx. 9 kg with 16 modems
    Modem front panel indicators and connectors:
    6 x LED indicators : DTR, DCD, CTS, RTS, TxD, RxD; monitor port which can also be used / switched to take over the control over the front serial port (configuration) in stead of the back
    RS-232 DB25 serial port; IDC 2,54 mm, 2x5 10P Male RS-232
    serial local configuration port: can be used to connect 10P female to DB9 Female flat extension cable 28 AWG, 9 core, IDC 2,54mm.
    Back panel connectors: 3-pin shroud Male (IEC320C13) to connect power cord
    16 x RJ11 female connector to connect telephone cable; 16 x RS-232 DB25 Female connectors; with the switch above the front serial port it is possible to switch the terminal port connections from back to front. This makes it possible to connect a PC (laptop) for local configuration without having to remove the rack out of the complete system.
    Racks are usually equipped with 16 x rack modems, connected to the Windows or Linux network environment by IP enabling multiserial-to-Ethernet convertors like Digiport TS16 Portserver for easy configuration and management.
    A LED in front of the rack indicates the presence (ON or OFF) and good functionality of the Meanwell RS-50-5 power supply card.
  • PSTN rack modem in Euro card format with SM_H2_3V3_V:
    Based on CX93021-2x CSM92-SP V.92 Controllered Serial Modem Harley II chipset with Speakerphone with CX20548 SmartDAA and CX20452 Voice Codec (Conexant, former Rockwell).
    SIA protocol and Contact ID support for alarm equipment
    Serial modem processor (Conexant) with SmartDAA and voice Codec for speakerphone support
    3 kV isolation (3 kV dielectric withstanding voltage tested)
    Low power consumption
    Controller-based modem, no external memory required
    Modulations and protocols: V.92 : Quick Connect, Modem-on-Hold and PCM upstream, V.90,V.34,V.32bis, V.32, V.22bis, V.21,Bell 212A, Bell103, V.23 Reversing,V.23 half-duplex,V.29 FastPOS and V22bis fast connect, V.80 synchronous Access Mode, V.17/V.29 Fax Class 1/1.0 and Fax Class 2
    Data compression: V.44,V.42bis, MNP5
    Error correction: V.42 and MNP 2-4
    Call Waiting detection
    Hardware and software flow control and speed buffering
    Type I and Type II Caller ID detect
    Type II Caller ID snooping
    Call progress, blacklisting
    Integrated DAA; Extension pickup detection, digital line protection, line–in-Use detection
    NVRAM for adding customized firmware code
    63 embedded and upgradeable country profiles
    Full-duplex PCM 8-bit/16-bit voice pass-through mode
    Telephony/TAM voice modes support (V.253)
    DTMF tone detection and generation
    Concurrent DTMF, ring and Caller ID detection
  • PSTN rack modem in Euro card format with IMOD560:
    Based on DS56-L147-226 Smart V.XX modem chip set (CX81801, CX81801-84 V.92 Single Chip Modem, CX20452-A and CX20493- 31 (Conexant, former Rockwell).
    SIA support / DTMF (receive / transmit)
    Serial asynchronous, 7/ 8 data bits, O/E or NO parity, 1 or 2 stop bits
    Hardware based modem controller and hardware based DSP
    Modulations and protocols: V.92 : Quick Connect, Modem-on-Hold and PCM upstream, V.90,V.34,V.32bis, V.32, V.22bis, V.21 channel 2, ,Bell 212A, Bell103, V.23, V.25, V.29 FastPOS and V22bis fast connect, V27ter, V.80 synchronous Access Mode, V.17/V.29 Fax Class 1/1.0
    Data/Fax/Voice call discrimination
  • Terminal Server Management:
    SNMP management
    Dual IPv4/IPv6 stack
    8 or 16 serial ports with Tx/Rx LEDs
    Patented RealPort® technology for COM/TTY port control/ management
    SSL/TLS and SSHv2 for added security
    Easy configuration and management through web browser or CLI

Additional Info

The easiest and safest way to implement a PSTN modem pool in your network ! Bausch Datacom has developped a 19" PSTN modem rack system based on the Proxima and Indubox modem technology. High performance and reliability are the key features of this modem technology. The Proxima PSTN Rack Modems are integrated in a 19 inch rack for maximal 16 x Proxima PSTN Rack Modem Cards including power-supply card.

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