Proxima Star II

Proxima Star II

PSTN V.90 & ISDN PC Card
V.90 56K and active Euro-ISDN PC Card, OS independent, automatic cable detection


Product Highlights

  • Active PSTN/Euro-ISDN DSS1 V.120, PPP, ML-PPP, X.75, HDLC transparent PC Card Type 2

Product Specifications

  • Housing: PC Card Dimensions Type II
  • Power Supply: internal 5V
  • Engine:
    Integrated line interface
    Easy upgradeable thanks to the use of flash memory
    With automatic cable & media detection
    Fully active and operating system independent solution
    AT commands: active

    Support for OS2®, DOS®, Mac®OS, Linux, Windows® 3X, 95, 98(SE), Me, 2000, NT, XP & Windows® CE
    ISDN modem:
    Active Euro-ISDN DSS1 V.120, PPP, ML-PPP, X.75, HDLC transparent PC Card Type 2
    D-channel: Euro-ISDN
    B-channel: V.120
    B-channel: X.75
    B-channel: HDLC transparant
    B-channel: PPP
    B-channel: MLPPP
    NDIS driver
    PSTN modem:
    Technology: Conexant
    K56Flex / V.90
    V.34 V.32bis V.32 V.22bis V.22 V.21 V.23
    Bell 212A 103
    Error Correction
    Data Compression
    Group III s/r
    EIA Class 
  • Interface & Connectors:
    DTE Interface PC Card type II
  • Certification: CE approved: CE0165X

Additional Info

The Proxima Star II is an active V.90 PC Card and/or an active Euro-ISDN PC Card Type 2.  It comes with an ISDN and a PSTN cable: the selected medium (PSTN or ISDN) is automatically detected when connecting a cable. Moreover this is a fully active PC Card which makes the card operating system independent.  As a consequence there is only one inf-file necessary to install the card for PSTN and ISDN : so there is NO  installation software needed which is particularly interesting when the Windows operating system will be upgraded in the future.

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