Vega 56 PCI2

Vega 56 PCI2

PSTN V.92 Modem Card
Internal 56K V.92 modem with PCI interface. Semi-active. With BVRP fax, voice and communication software.


  • Internal PCI modem card V.92


  • Housing:
    PCI Specification: V 2.1
    Size: 128 x 75 mm
  • Power Supply:
    Low power consumption
  • Engine:
    Chip set: Conexant-RH56D-PCI (CX06834-11)
    Internal V.92 modem with PCI V2.1 interface
    Modem : up to V.92 56 Kbps
    Line Connection: PSTN, 2 wires
    Speakerphone and answering machine
    BVRP Multilanguage fax, voice and communication software 
    OS: Win95/98/ME/2000/XP/Linux
  • Minimal system requirements: Pentium 166, 16 Mb RAM
  • Communication Protocols:
    Data Transmission:
    BELL 103 and BELL 212A
    K56 flex and V.90
    ITU-T V.21 (300 bps)
    ITU-T V.22 (1200 bps)
    ITU-T V.23 (1200 bps)
    ITU-T V.22 bis (2400 bps)
    ITU-T V.32 (9600/4800 bps)
    ITU-T V.32 bis (14400/1200/7200 bps)
    ITU-T V.34 bis (33600/28800)
    ITU-T V.92 Quick connect (V.92-standard)
    Modem-on-hold  (V.92-standard)
    PCM Upstream 48K (V.92-standard)
    Fax Transmission:
    Send/Receive G3 Fax
    ITU-T V.27ter (4800 bps)
    ITU-T V.29 (9600 bps)
    ITU-T V.17 (14400 bps)
    Error Correction: MNP 2-4 / V.42/V.44 LAPM
    Data Compression: MNP 5 / V.42 bis / V.44 data compression NEW (V.92-standard)
    Caller ID supported
    Flow Control: XON/XOFF Default (RTS/CTS)
    AutoDial & Auto Answer
    Speed Buffering; Auto Format/Speed sensing; Auto Retrail
    Command Set: Hayes AT Command set, Fax Class 1 and T.31 Class 1.0
  • Interfaces & Connectors:
    Communication Model: Asynchronous
    DTE Speed (MAX): 115,200 bps
  • Certification: CE, CTR 21

Additional Info

The Vega 56 PCI2 is a V.92 internal PCI modem, based on a Conexant (Rockwell) HCF chip set (semi-active); it requires minimal a Pentium CPU 166 and 16 Mb RAM and is fully V.92 compatible. This means the Quick Connect handshake feature allows 30 to 40% faster connection times compared to the ‘older’ V.90 standard. It also means an improved upload speed  to the Internet to a maximum of 48 Kbps and a new and improved V.44 compression technique, resulting in much higher speeds,  compared to the ‘old’ V.90 modems with V.42bis compression.
The modem comes with BVRP multi-language fax, voice and communication software.

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