Delta Logger DL2 LTE SDI12

Delta Logger DL2 LTE SDI12

LTE Cat.M/NB IoT/SDI12 Logger
The Delta Logger DL2 is a 2nd generation logging device with 2 analog inputs, one SDI12 and one (pulse) counter interface. The device is battery powered and functions as a stand-alone data logger, collecting data from sensor input and transmitting the data through LTE Cat M1/Cat NB1 / GPRS at programmable intervals.


  • Features:
    Measurement logger/Gateway
    LTE Cat.NB1 / Cat.NB2 / GPRS (not recommended)
    Battery powered
    2 analog inputs / SDI12 / Pulse Counting
    Nano card holder or eSIM 
    Debug kit
  • Applications:
    SDI 12 sensor & measurement logging & transmitting
    Pulse Counting logging & transmitting
    Analog measurement logging & transmitting


  • Basic variants of the Delta LTE SDI12 Logger:
    Spelsberg TG PC 88-6-O (Housing)
    Spelsberg TG-PC-1608-9-O (Housing: 76 x 74.5 mm) 
    SLC1550 (Supercap)
  • housing: IP66-67 
  • Dimensions: 72X72 mm with cutouts and holes to fit Spelberg TG PC 88-6-0
  • Power Supply:
    3.6 Vdc battery
    Onboard Supercapacitor (Optional)
  • Environmental:
    Operating Temperature: -10°C + 50°C
  • Interfaces & Connectors:
    2x Analog interface: 16 bit ADC/Input range:-0,2 .. 5Vdc/Input Impedance > 2,5 mOhm
    SDI 12 sensor interface: 12V - 100 mA - Max. 4 devices - 20 readings per device
    Micro USB 2 port for configuration and programming
    SMA antenna connector
    eSIM or traditional nano card
  • Communication:
    LTE Cat.NBIoT/Cat.M/GPRS (not recommmended)
    Quad band GPRS
  • Processor:
    Low power microcontroller sleep mode: < 11uA
    Dual bank Program flash for firmware upgrades 256KX2
    8Mbyte Data Flash
    Real Time Clock 3ppm
    Remote configurable and programmable
  • Certifcation CE

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