Modem Communication for metering applications



InduBox GSM IX: see InduBox GSM IX
InduBox GSM M4: see InduBox GSM M4
DinBox GSM M4: see DinBox GSM M4
InduBox PSTN III: see InduBox PSTN III



Since 2003, Bausch Datacom supplies industrial modems for the invoice meter reading of industrial customers (56kVA to 110 kVA). Starting from a typical dial out application establishing a transparant serial communication, allowing MV.90 protocol communicating with the meter, it evolved over the years to GPRS communication using TCP sockets. Around 45.000 modems have been sold to Eandis, ORES and Sibelga over the years.

In Greece, Bausch Datacom cooperated in 2014 as a subcontractor with the Société Anonyme Telecom Solutions to deliver 14.300 Smart GPRS Modems for the Bid Call under the number ND-193 Declaration Auction of the project "Installation of Telemetering System for Major LV Customer Meters". The project involved the engineering, design, construction and installation, in the area of Athens, of the total 'Measurement Data Telemetering and Processing System' (Primary and Back-Up), with a capacity to communicate with 100.000 meters. Moreover, the project included the supply, installation and integration of the electricity meters along with GSM/GPRS modems of 60.000 major Low Voltage customers and the provision of all relevant services for a period of 5 years. The consortium entered a winning bid of 19,830 million Euros and consists of Intrakat / Intracom (installation and maintenance), EDMI (meters), IBM (Control room and management infrastructure), Fröschl (AMR), Protasis (AMR) and Bausch Datacom (modems). For the installed base of 14.300 Itron (Actaris) ACE6000 meters, Bausch Datacom provided the InduBox GSM IX, connected to the meter by a serial RS-485 or RS-232 interface. The GPRS modem needed to function in a default GPRS mode, and had to be able to switch to GSM CSD data and vice versa. This functionality cannot disturb the transparent communication between the meters and the remote Telemetering System. The modems were installed during 2013 and 2014.

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