InduBox GSM M4 modem

InduBox GSM M4 modem
Release of new firmware: CSD data (GSM) added to the standard features!Although almost all worldwide datacommunication is TCP/IP based (5G, 4G, 3G, NB IoT...), many countries still offer circuit-switched datacommunication by the local providers. Therefore Bausch Datacom integrated the 'old' technique of transparant communication based on GSM, CSD Data in their firmware. Of course, modern communication technologies and applications are still present in the InduBox GSM M4 modem. In fact you can switch from 4G to CSD data with our modem in case of bad connections or poor signal.

CSD Data

CSD Data is an 'old' technology which uses circuit switched communication (using tel. numbers in stead of IP) through GSM network. It allows dial-in and dial out applications to read meter data for instance. In a dial out application the central backoffice calls out to the modems in the field. The modem in the field sends a 'Connect' to the meter, subsequently a transparant communication is opened between the central meter infrastructure (DLMS protocol) and the meter in the field.

The new firmware allows you to switch from, for instance, a 4G IP connexion to a CSD Data connexion when the RSSI signal is low and to switch back to 4G when the signal is restored. This feature will fill a gap in the functionality of IP modems who rarely still integrate circuit switched datacommunication. Many countries such as Spain, Italy, UK, Ireland, South America still have providers who offer subscriptions for this communication though.

The InduBox modem is a ruggedized 4G (LTE Cat. 1) & GPR modem with a wide range integrated Power Supply of 85-265 V. It has an RS-485 serial and Ethernet RJ-45 interface. The modem has a watchdog system to avoid blocking and has proven its quality for almost 20 years now. But the InduBox GSM M4, the latest descendant of the InduBox family, is much more than a mere 4G modem for transparant communications.

One and the same modem can combine two essential features for meter reading: the reading of kWh numbers and the monitoring of energy parameters such as current, Voltage, Power etc. The modem acts as a Modbus (RTU or TCP) client for the meter and IEC 60870-5-104 Slave for the SCADA Master. Both applications (invoicing and monitoring) can be combined. A cost-effective solution to use all possible features of electricity meters for different Smart Metering applications. 

The InduBox GSM M4 modems in the field can be remotely mass managed by the Bausch Datacom/RiTTec DMSW backoffice. Mass firmware, remote configuration, Health Status and Automatic Commissioning can be performed by the system. To find out the specifications and features of the IB GSM M4 click here. For all technical and commercial information,  send an email to:

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