PSTN Socket modems for embedded applications


Bausch Datacom is also specialized in the design and development of PSTN and ISDN telecom modules for embedded applications. The company has a long experience designing modems and line interfaces for set top Boxes, cash registers, alarm systems, P.O.S,  metering systems and many other applications. The modem designs are used world wide with approvals in many countries. Bausch Datacom can offer services from the very first idea, schematics, PCB designs, approval, compliance testing and even coordination of external production if necessary.


SM_H2_3V3: see SM_H2_3V3
Imod560: see Imod560
SMD2493-3V3: see SMD2493-3V3


Bausch Datacom has supplied large quantities of socket PSTN modems for cash register products, a.o. to large Italian companies such as Olivetti and DA Sistemi. More than 150.000 modems were already shipped to these customers. Olivetti of course is well known for its cash registers but also DA Sistemi for instance is a group of several companies operating together under the complete control of DA Sistemi S.p.A. The various companies produce equipment and applications using magnetic strip and microchip cards for electronic payment systems, fidelity schemes etc... Their EFT-POS terminals are especially popular and successful. Those terminals accept credit cards and ATM cards for POS payments. Major accounts of DA Sistemi include leading banks and bank consortia, public authorities and private companies. DA Sistemi already has a great international presence and is currently engaged in a policy of expansion within Europe regarding the distribution of products and services.

Bausch Datacom closed a deal with Pacom Systems for the integration of SM_H2 PSTN socket modules in the 8002 PACOM Edge security controller. A number of 3000 modules per year is forecasted for the years to come.
The SM_H2_3V3_V is a V.92 (56K) PSTN Socket Modem (64,5 x 26,5 mm), 3kV isolation, 3.3V power supply, based on a Conexant (Synapsis) chipset with SIA protocol, Contact ID (CID) and speakerphone support for alarm equipment. Specific patches are written to enhance the module for voice and alarm applications. The module is the standard PSTN socket module that Bausch Datacom offers at a very competitive pricing.

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